Thursday, September 30, 2010

More details

So I just wanted to write a quick post to give you a few more details about the ultrasound now that I've had some time to process everything and can (almost) think straight :)

They looked at EVERYTHING on the ultrasound, every bone in baby's body, her brain, her heart, her kidneys, you name it! Everything looks good (yea!) We could see her little heart beating and it was so cute! 156 beats/minute and we could see all the chambers - It was crazy!

We also found out that she is measuring 2 days bigger than expected, maybe she'll be early? Yeah - in my dreams! Right now she is 10oz - see, I have a reason for gaining weight :) and we found out that she has a normal sized head. That was such a relief! I didn't want to hear that she had a "good sized head" - I know what that means for labor!

So SHE (that still makes me smile) was normal and healthy and looking good so far! Super exciting stuff. I love the ultrasounds - It's just amazing to see that miracle!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

81% of you that voted

...were wrong! Including me! I had no idea how convinced I was that we were having a boy until I was completely shocked by the doctor saying "and here are baby's girl parts" while pointing to some fuzzy images on the ultrasound.

So there it is - It's a girl!!!!!!!!!

I still can't believe it! Nick and I are both super excited, no closer to picking out a name, and not really any closer to planning out the nursery. Yet somehow we feel more prepared, so that's good! But we still have so much to think about and now I feel like the preparation can being for real. No more just talking about stuff - now we get to do some deciding!

I may try to post ultrasound pictures later, but they weren't very clear so probably not. I have more to say - I'm totally overwhlemed with emotions right now and can't quite get all the words out, but I've gotta run. Just wanted to share the good news!!!!!

3 hours...

OK, this is worse than waiting for Christmas or your birthday when you are a little kid. I can't focus on anything!!!! All I can think right now is "Baby, Baby, Baby!" It seems so weird to think that in just a few hours we are going to get to find out if baby is a boy or girl. I am so excited I can't even stand it. I'm supposed to work right now? Ugh... Time is crawling!

I just really hope that they can tell! I'll be pretty dissapointed if they aren't sure... Hopefully baby cooperates and is in a good position. Although it moves so much I wouldn't think there would be a problem... But I'm still nervous about that.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A pain in the...

It seems like everyday something new hurts. It's pretty amazing really. Now its my back. I can't even bend over to put my socks on - I get stuck and can't get up. Baby isn't even that big yet and already my back can't take it :( Ugh. This is going to be a long 21 weeks if it keeps this up... And this is on top of the daily headaches and spontaneous leg cramps. I am a disaster! :)

I really don't have anything else to report. Just keeping busy - spent the weekend tearing the house apart trying to clean out stuff and start the baby room. I think most of what we accomplished was making a giant mess. But at least we know where things go now...

Looking forward to Wednesday! I'll update everyone as soon as I can! I had a dream 2 nights ago that baby was a girl... So I don't know what that means for the old wives tales since I've dreamt both ways :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old Wives Tales

Hooray! The date has been set to find out if baby is a boy or girl: Septemper 29!!!!So cast your vote if you haven't yet :) In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to check out all the old wives tales to see what those say. Some are pretty outrageous. Enjoy!

1) Are you carrying high (girl) or low (boy)? Ugh, I think its too early to tell...

2) Hold a gold ring from a string over your tummy to see which way it swings (back and forth for a boy, circular motion for a girl): It didn't swing at all!

3) If the hair on your legs grows faster its a boy, slower girl: BOY

4) Salty cravings = boy, sweet = girl: BOY

5) Pee bright colored = boy, light colored = girl: BOY. But I know all this is based on is how much water I drink and I know I'm not getting enough...

6) Pee mixed with Draino (bluish yellow, brownish, brown, black or blue = boy) (greenish brown, green, or doesn't change at all = girl): so not going to try this - sorry to disappoint everyone

7) Fetal heart rate above 140 = girl: Last check was 160, GIRL

8) Nick's weight gain (if any = girl): GIRL - but I'm pretty sure its all muscle, so I don't know if that counts...

9) Round face for me = girl: Depends on who you ask... I guess there has been more than one person say my face looks rounder, so we'll go with GIRL

10) Larger left boob = girl, larger right boob = boy: OK, I totally thought they were the same size, but Nick says the right one is DEFINITELY bigger. Yeah, like I don't have enough body issues as it is right now... BOY

11) Acne=girl: GIRL

12) In a study, mom's guessed right 71% of the time. What do I think? I was certain it was a BOY in the beginning, but after the last ultrasound I've had my doubts... But since my initaly instinct was boy we'll go with BOY

13) Moody = girl: I'd say BOY. I haven't been too bad yet...

14) Can't tell I'm pregnant from behind = boy: There has been at least one relative to disagree with this. I think its too early to tell... If other people agree they haven't said anything... But since one agrees we'll go with GIRL

15) Chinese calendar method: BOY (supposedly this is 85% accurate) :)

16) Age at conception = 25, month of conception = 6. If they are both even or odd, its a girl: One even, the other odd = BOY

17) Ask the mom-to-be to pick a number. Match the number with the corresponding letter of the alphabet (A=1, B=2 etc). Then ask her to choose a name beginning with that letter. If she chooses a boys name, it will be a boy. If she chooses a girls name, it will be a girl: I picked 9 and 9= I. I picked Isabel: GIRL

18)What side does the mom-to-be lay on while she's resting? If she lies on her left, it's a boy; on her right, it's a girl: BOY

19) If young boys (pre-school age) show interest in you while you're pregnant, it will be a girl. If they ignore you, expect a boy: No experience one way or another...

20) Ask the mom-to-be to show you her hands. If she shows them palms up, it's a girl; palms down, a boy: GIRL

21) If you dream of girls, you will have a boy. If you dream of boys, you will have a girl: Since I have been pregnant I have only dreamt about boys so I guess its a GIRL :)

22) Pick up a key - if you pick it up by the thinner end you are having a girl by the round part a boy: Unfortunately I read the whole thing before I could do that, so now I feel biased...

23) If the mom-to-be was the more aggressive partner when the baby was conceived, it will be a boy. If the father was the more aggressive, the baby will be a girl: Haha! I thought that was funny.

So the tally is:
BOY: 9

Pretty even I'd say. Though I guess since some of the girl ones are a little bit of a stretch it leans slightly more towards boy. But yeah - not real clear cut. But these are all right 50% of the time, right? :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teeny the Nerd

I haven't felt baby move a whole lot - I had that one episode at 2:35 in the morning, but other than that it hasn't been a ton of obvious movement. Some flutterings and tickles that I know are baby, it just hasn't bounced off the walls like that one time.

But it did it again, and at such a weird time! I was at work and in a meeting where 2 people were discussing computer programs and what they liked about each, trying to decide which to use for this upcoming project. They were getting pretty excited too - you know, as excited as engineers can get :) Well all of a sudden baby goes NUTS again! Seriously all over the place! I don't know what was going on in there, but I could feel it!

So the only conclusion that I could draw is that baby heard the "exciting" discussion about computer junk and got excited :) Baby is going to be a nerd :)

It's OK, it runs in the family :)


OK, so I am majorly late blogging this, but I had some cute pictures so I still wanted to. So sorry this is so late. Life has been nuts lately (I'm sure that is the case for everyone) and blogging has taken a back seat to other stuff. But I'm back! For now :)

I just wanted to share that I'm getting old. I'm getting old and now I'm getting fat :) Well, at least I have an excuse. But old and fat - yeah, not so much a fan...

But birthdays are still fun to celebrate even if it means I'm getting old. Day of (last Thursday, 9/9 - see how late I am?!?!?!?) I went to work in the morning. I picked up a pumpkin spice latte (decaf) on the way. That's one thing that I've made Nick promise about my birthday - I get Starbucks and he's not allowed to whine about it. But he wasn't there to whine anyway :( I picked him up from the airport at 3:00 (yeah he better come back from D.C. for my birthday! especially since he missed it last year!) So I guess he made special arrangements to make sure that he was able to spend at least part of my birthday with me. The major bummer though was that he was sick! Airplanes seem to do that to us :( Of course I'm sure it could have been any number of things, but airplanes seem to mean doom when it comes to our health. So he was a good sport the rest of the day, but he was feeling pretty miserable. We saw "The Other Guys" which we had never seen previews for and had no idea what it was about other than it had Will Ferrell in it and it was supposed to be funny. Yeah, the whole intro we were trying to figure out if we were in the right movie because it started with a car chase and Will Ferrell nowhere to be found - we had no idea it was a cop movie. It was entertaining enough. Kind of weird, but enjoyable. Then we went to BJs for dinner with the sole purpose of having a pazookie for dessert. Yeah, should have started with the pazookie. I didn't even eat half of my enormous pumpkin sized stuffed potato. So I made Nick promise that we could go back for a peanut butter pazookie sometime soon. I should have known... But at least something exciting finally happened - I was FULL!!!!! It's been a while...

Friday I worked another half day and then we went up to Mt. Lemmon for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and Mom's 50th. It was so beautiful up there and surprisingly cold! The weather was refreshing, but I should have brought more warm clothes.

We always say that when our family gets together that we have a "food fest" and boy did I eat a lot! I'm sure this contributed to my ever expanding tummy. This isn't the greatest picture, but I think you can tell its growing...

So it was a fun weekend for those of us that weren't walking bacteria buckets the whole time (Nicholas...). He slept a lot and avoided getting close to people - hopefully he didn't contaminate anyone - hey, if I didn't get sick then no one should have! But he said the part that he was awake he had fun :) We went on the ski lift, did some hiking, played some games, and enjoyed each other's company. It was good stuff.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So for the last 2 weeks I've been thinking I was feeling baby move some. It mostly was after eating so I wondered if it was my tummy digesting or something. It was always a light fluttering - so light I almost wondered if I was imagining it. But that's what I was told to expect so it didn't seem unreasonable that it could be baby.

The weird thing is that when I would put my hands on my tummy sometimes I could feel a lot of movement - like the whole thing would roll. It seemed weird that I could feel that with my hands, but my tummy didn't feel that movement - because it seemed pretty significant.

But the bewilderment about what is going on in there is over. I KNOW its baby moving and I know that because it decided to do gymnastics at 2:35am last night. I set the alarm to call and wake Nick up who is in Washington D.C. right now. And of course if I get woken up I have to pee. So I got up to pee and after I got back in bed holy cow! Baby would not let me go to sleep! It was going nuts in there! I felt a lot of movement and it was way more than the light flutter. I don't know what was going on but it was having some kind of party in there. I can't even imagine what this is going to feel like when baby gets bigger. My tummy is going to look like some contortionist act...

So it was pretty cool. I don't think I got to fully appreciate it because really I just wanted to go back to sleep. Apparently baby has lots of energy at 2:35am... Something to look forward too...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mayo and Egg McMuffins

OK, not together! But these have been the recent cravings :) The mayo thing is a repeat for me - I know that I can largely blame my past turkey sandwich craving on the mayo. No mayo, no deal! It's something about mayo and meat that I have been craving. First the turkey + mayo, then most recently ground beef + mayo in a taco salad that I LOVE. I normally like mayo so its not like this is super weird, but I never thought I would like it enough to crave it... It's unfortunate too - can you really crave anything unhealthier than mayo?

Well, I supposed you can - As of course my initial cravings were Big Macs and now the Egg McMuffin. I love McDonalds. Is McDonald's worse for you than mayo? Well, at least I'm still consuming in moderation... I've been able to mostly control these cravings. It does help that McDonald's only serves Egg McMuffins in the morning. Yeah, but that didn't make me too happy when I got the craving at 6pm. Let me tell you - when you get the craving - it does NOT go away! Not until you get to eat it. So I can control the cravings, but the only way to beat them is to indulge. So I guess I'm not really beating them - they are beating me :( But seriously, does anyone crave healthy stuff?!?!?!?!? I know Krystal craved grilled corn on the cob - that's healthy! But I would probably put a ton of butter on it so that's not really helping. Why can't I crave apples, or spinach, or brussel sprouts (ew)? Ugh - another reason why its so hard to stick to only 300 calories/day extra :)

Wow. I really have food issues, can you tell? I think most of my posts have been about food. That's because its all I think about. Food and baby... :)