Thursday, December 20, 2012

13 weeks. 23 months.

So again it's been forever since my last post, but I have actually been sort of keeping track along the way so I can remember things.

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant which I'm sure you have all gathered from facebook or Christmas cards. First trimester down. I have to say it went a lot faster this time around, but that is probably because I am busy chasing around a nearly 2 year old (that has the attitude of a 16 year old).

So originally we wanted to wait to announce baby #2 until Christmas, but we decided we couldn't wait that long. It was hard enough to wait as long as we did :) We found out very early that we were expecting, so I have been keeping a little pregnancy diary to keep track of things this time around. Lots of info and I'm sure half of you don't care, but I figured I did a good job of keeping track of Aurora, I should keep track of this baby too :) So here it goes:

10/10/2012 (2 weeks, 5 days) - Seriously suspecting I was pregnant. I know it should be way too early to tell, but everything was exactly the same as last time. Boobs starting to hurt and overall feeling crummy. I'm sure I was imagining half of my symptoms, but I started to think that if I wasn't pregnant I really needed to see a doctor because I didn't feel good on a regular basis. But that's how I felt with Aurora too. And another weird coincidence - I was craving chorizo - just like I did when I was really early with Aurora.

10/15/2012 (3 weeks, 2 days) - Pregnancy test positive. I knew it was going to be. I know that you are supposed to wait until you are late, but I was feeling pregnant. My boobs don't lie. Serious pain. The hard thing about finding out you are pregnant early is realizing how long you are going to have to wait to tell people. We decided on Christmas because we wanted as much family to be together as possible (side note: Christmas = 13 weeks, 5 days preggo). And as you all know we didn't wait that long. Ended up being Thanksgiving.

10/16/2012 (3 weeks, 3 days) - Pregnancy test #2 positive. 10/19/2012 (4 weeks) - Ordered Aurora's "Only Child Expiring June 2013" T-shirt. Can you tell I'm excited?

10/20/2012 (4 weeks, 1 day) - Morning sickness starting to kick in. Want to barf on a fairly regular basis, but haven't yet. I think it's worse than last time. So far I have escaped the fatigue. Boobs still hurting. (I'm sure you all love hearing that)

10/22/2012 (4 weeks, 3 days) - Pregnancy test #3 positive. So Nick - do you believe me yet? :)

10/24/2012 (4 weeks, 5 days) - Morning sickness is awful. I want to throw up all the time. This seems to be a very constant thing :(

10/28/2012 (5 weeks, 2 days) - Had a bad day. It happens :( But on top of that I discovered that I was spotting :( I didn't freak out too bad since the same thing happened with Aurora around the same time, but still - not what I wanted to see.

10/29/2012 (5 weeks, 3 days) - Blood test at the doctor's office to check HCG levels. Came back at 12,000. I was told this is "VERY" good. As a side note. I think it's a girl. My pregnancy has been nearly identical to Aurora's (except I am sicker). So I think it's a girl. But I thought Aurora was a boy. So I'm probably wrong. But I sort of FEEL like it's a boy. THINK it's a girl, FEEL like it's a boy. So I can't be wrong then :)

10/31/2012 (5 weeks, 5 days) - Technically baby's first Halloween :) Blood test #2 to check HCG levels. Results came back good - levels doubled like they were supposed to.

11/7/2012 (6 weeks, 5 days) - Smells that make me want to barf: ANIMALS, cinnamon candles, cooking chicken, Nick's protein shake...

11/15/2012 (7 weeks, 6 days) - First ultrasound. Everything with baby looks great! Heartbeat is 165. Can't really see much, baby is still so tiny. At the ultrasound they did find a "mass" on my left ovary. The doctor said they don't know what it is, but I am scheduled to go back for another ultrasound to see if it has changed in 2 weeks. They will be able to tell more then. I am trying not to stress out. There is nothing that I can do but wait.
11/17/2012 (8 weeks, 1 day) - I barfed. I'm a real pregnant lady now :) I have been feeling terrible - surprised I was able to fight it this long.

11/19/2012 (8 weeks, 3 days) - I'm tired. Sooooooooooooooooo tired :( The fatigue is kicking in.

11/22-24/2012 (9 weeks) - Announcement! And Christmas card pics with Aurora wearing her cute shirt :) And I can't sleep at night :( I can fall asleep OK and sleep for a few hours, but around 2am I wake up and can't get comfortable :( and toss and turn the rest of the night. And I am tired all day and all I can think about is when I get to sleep next. Looking forward to second trimester...

11/28/2012 (9 weeks, 5 days) - Ultrasound #2. Everything with baby looks great! The mass on my ovary has changed (grown) slightly, but not enough to concern anyone yet. The doctor says we are just going to keep watching it - it looks benign so far, and they will do a more in depth look around 20 weeks. They see no reason that it should affect the pregnancy, but it may be something that needs to be removed later on. Again, not the best thing to hear, but definitely not the worst. Baby is healthy and that's what matters!
12/1/2012-12/4/2012 (10 weeks) - Nick and I took a trip to Cabo! We left Aurora with Grandma Lin and Grandpa Bill. She had lots of fun and I am still hearing stories about how Grandma Lin gave her 2 big lollipops (which apparently isn't true) :) But that's what Aurora remembers :)

I barfed twice on the trip. Once on the plane :) (before we even took off) and then one night right before bed. But otherwise I really was starting to feel mostly better. We had a great time relaxing and eating lots of food :) We spent the whole time at the resort sitting on the beach or by the pool. So nice! It was beautiful!

12/7/2012 (11 weeks) - I would say that the morning sickness is mostly gone. It comes in waves every so often, but nothing like it was before. SO happy about that. Just super super tired now. Maybe a little emotional too...

I have another ultrasound tomorrow (12/21/2012) - 13 weeks. Yay!

We do have a girl's name picked out, but if it's a boy that's going to be harder :( Nick and I just don't agree on boy's names. But we will cross that bridge if we come to it. We won't find out if it's a boy or girl until February.

So that's the pregnancy update. On to Aurora! She is talking so much now. It's hilarious because she has a lot to say, but she has a lot that she babbles still. Some of her favorite things to say are "No, Mommy," "lollipop," "Watch, Frosty" or "Watch, Nemo." She's obsessed with those 2. It's so hard saying no :( But she can't sit in front of TV all day. And I don't know that she even wants to, I think she just wants to have them on. She's funny.

Every meal is breakfast. When she's hungry she wants to eat breakfast. Even when it's dinner time she calls it breakfast. She has gotten pretty good at saying most things correctly, but there are a few she continues to say wrong. She still insists on calling Mr. Pickles, "Pick Pick." And instead of saying thank you she says "nice you." I love it.

Aurora has started singing - her favorite songs are Frosty the Snowman, Twinkle Twinkle, and there's a turtle song she's getting pretty good at. She doesn't sing all of the words, but she's got the first line down at least. And she sings "ABCD..FG...LMN..TUV" :) She can count to 6 when she wants to, but her standard answer for counting things is 3. Her standard color answer is blue, but she gets green, orange, and purple when she actually thinks about it :)

I know there is so much to say, but she changes so quickly and it's so hard to keep track of. They grow up too fast!

We have planned a another trip to Disney World. We figured we had to. She was so funny last time and loved it so much. Plus we are running out of time for her to be free on the plane and in the parks, so we have to take advantage while we still can. It's hilarious because we have been telling Aurora about it and she knows this: "tiki room. go plane. dora dora. after birthday. lollipop." See if you can translate :)

Well, it will probably be another 2 months until I update next :( That's just been the trend lately. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!