Thursday, May 23, 2013

35 weeks. 1 to go? 6 to go?!?!?!?!?

35 weeks. Back in October it felt like I would never get here, but here I am. Huge and ready to go. I have no idea what to expect this time around. I actually think the first time was better because I had no expectations, now I am warpped from Aurora. If I am as early with Jake as I was with her that is 1.5 weeks from now. But the reality is I could be late. I could have 6 weeks left of pregnancy!!!!! I am really hoping that Jake comes early. I am ready to meet him and so ready to have my body back, but I am trying to be patient. It's no fun being patient though.

At my ultrasound on Wednesday they estimated that Jake currently weighs 5lb 5 oz. Since Aurora was 5lb 8oz when she was born that number scared me a little. They said that is totally normal and he is right on track, but it sounds big!

I'm really not motivated to write much now. Life has been crazy but it's always crazy. The biggest updates are that Nick comes home from travel tomorrow! Yay! He has seriously been gone most of this year. I think he was home all of January and then Feb. hit and it has just been ridiculous. Of the last 14 weeks he has been gone for 9 of them. And that includes a lot of weekend days. And the time that he was home he had his appendix out. I don't really remember what it means to be a normal family. And my definition of what normal is is going to change very soon...

Aurora is successfully potty trained and big girl bed trained :) Both went amazingly well. I was scared for both - we started at the same time (4/16) and both transitions were easy. She only got out of her big girl bed twice before learning that she needed to stay in there. And I would say potty training took a week? She really had it down after 2-3 days, but a week to be done with accidents. We started with the big girl underwear during the day and pull-ups at nap and night time, but we ditched the pull-ups very quickly when I discovered she was only peeing in them because she could. Big girl underwear went on and she kept them clean. Yay! I am very proud of her and how well she handled the changes :)

My friend Karina took pregnancy pictures for me this past weekend. She was amazing! I love the background and lighting and poses and everything she did with them. I love that it really was a family photo shoot. My tummy is front and center, but it's more about the 4 of us and I love that. Aurora was a terrible listener and it was a challenge, but she still got a ton of amazing shots. Here are a few of my favorites.