Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Need Help

I keep putting off blogging because I know I am so far behind, but the longer I put it off the further behind I am going to get and the more I am going to forget, so I figured I should do the little I can before I forget everything. Plus I need to do it before I get a text from Dom telling me how far behind I am :( Updates since August: Disney World was a blast!!!!! If anyone saw my updates on facebook this is repeat info, but mostly Aurora just wanted to collect hugs from all the characters. She is still talking about them 2 months later. I love it! She loved "Tig," "Pooh," "Qua Qua" (Donald), "Goof" (which she now says "Goofy" very clearly, but she emphasizes the y), and "Mic and Me." For some reason Goofy is now her favorite, even though while we were there she was really into Chip and Dale and the Winnie the Pooh characters.
Since then life is busy as usual. Aurora has been making friends and we've been having playdates. That's been fun for her and for Mommy :) We gave up the binky when we got home from Disney World and that was a rough week, but she got over it pretty quickly. She's such a big girl now :( Growing up too fast. Speaking of which, Aurora is talking so much now! 9/21 is when I am saying that she really started putting 2 words together and saying 2 syllable words. Among her favortie things to say at that time, "co mos" (cookie monster), "corvette," "go away," "goofy," "octopus," "strawberry," "fla-mee," (flamingo). I guess those were more my foavrites because they were sooooo cute when she said them. 10/10 Aurora said her first sentence, "I need help." The next day it was followed by, "I pick up," and "I make food." Ever since then she is on a roll. I feel like she is talking or babbling constantly and she has a ton to say. I can understand most of it, but some of it is still a little hard. It seems hard to imagine a time when she wasn't talking. Nick and I have given up having converstations with each other when she is awake - she interrupts way too much. And she's loud :) Aurora has started posing for pictures, but it's only because she likes to see what she looks like after we take the picture. She would rather be on the taking side when it comes to pictures.
Aurora is a super picky eater right now. It is very frustrating because I never know what she is going to want to eat. One day she likes something the next day she doesn't. I thought we'd given up baby food, but I was desperate for her to eat veggies so I bought some baby food peas and sweet potatoes and she gobbled them up. I think she has a texture problem or something. Fortunately she likes fruit a lot. Frozen blueberries are still favorties and she likes plums, strawberries, and watermelon. Her favortie food is either cheese or french fries. Either way she is definitely my little girl.
We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and had a lot of fun. We went to Agua Linda Farm for the first time and I thought it was adorable - we will definitely be going back there in the coming years.
So that's a little of the excitement for now :) I know you were all just looking at the pictures anyway :)