Saturday, April 30, 2011

3 months

It's hard to believe my little angel is 3 months already. It's true - time flies. Especially when you are having fun. And being Aurora's mommy is a blast. She's the best!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Set 'n Go

When I was younger I had soccer coaches that used to always yell during games, "set 'n go, set 'n go!" They meant trap the ball, control it, and GO! Don't putz around trying to decide what you are going to do. Don't play with it - set 'n go.

Well, last night I kept thinking that. Aurora woke up at 3am to eat. She's been a pretty good sleeper lately. 5:30am is wake up time and she tends to wake up at either 1am or 3am to eat, but goes right back to sleep when she does. So I really can't complain. But last night after she ate I put her in her crib and she woke up a little, but as I swaddled her she started to drift to sleep. Then I rubbed her tummy a little (I putzed...) and was just about to leave, when she opened her eyes and realized, "MOMMY!" and got the biggest smile and decided she wanted to play. It was sooooooo adorable. She was smiling and making the cutest sounds and I really didn't even care that she woke up so much because it was so cute. But I just kept thinking in the future, I need to set 'n go if I don't want to risk waking her up in the middle of the night :)

Aurora had a very happy first Easter. She was fairly well behaved in church, she made it through communion, so we just missed the last few minutes. In the future I think we are going to stick with cry-rooms though - it is stressful hoping she doesn't make noise the whole time and trying to keep her happy. Aunt Jan, Uncle Nick, Bryan, and Darryl were in town for the weekend and she had a lot of fun with them. Aurora has a lot of people that care about her - she is definitely going to think the world revolves around her for a while ('cause so far it does...)

I've started to notice some funny mommy habits that I'm developing. Like that I'm so used to bouncing her that I bounce when I'm standing up and not holding her. I realized that when I was on the phone the other day - she was playing on her mat and I was like, "what am I bouncing for?!?!?" It was pretty funny.

Nick and I took Aurora out to dinner for the first time last week. It wasn't the first time she's been to a restaurant - she's been to the Good Egg and Village Inn with Mom and I during the day, but this was the first dinner experience. It was AWFUL, but it had nothing to do with her. The problem was we didn't leave until 7pm so I was starving, then it took us an hour to get there because Houghton was closed (should have only taken 30 minutes) and when we got to Buffalo Wild Wings - they were closed!!!!! For this week only for remodeling - ugh!!!!! So we ended up going to Texas Roadhouse which was super yummy, but by the time we got our food it was almost 9pm. No fun. Aurora was an angel - she slept the whole time. But once we got home she wanted to stay up and didn't go to sleep until almost midnight, so it was a pretty long night. Not the greatest experience... But we went to Nimbus on Saturday to celebrate Sean & Bryan's 25th birthdays and she was perfect then too - at 5pm, so it's looking like this going out to dinner thing may be do-able :)

Well, she is waking up from her nap, so I guess that's it for updates for now :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


I don't know how Aurora compares to other babies, but to me she seems very expressive. No matter what emotion she is feeling she really lets you know it. If she is mad she really knows how to scream - like when I don't feed her fast enough or she drops her pacifier (which has now become a game to her...) When she is happy she is so smiley! And so talkative. I love it! It's really cute - she gets super excited when I tell her how cute she is.

She is also surprisingly expressive in her sleep. She moves around a ton and she talks. Like last night she started talking at 1:30 and when I went in her room she was totally out. Thinking she was going to want to eat soon I went to sleep on the floor. She started talking about an hour later - still out. She finally actually woke up at 4:30. She went to bed at 8:30, so that makes this her longest night - 8 hours! The problem is that I don't get that much sleep since she makes so much noise! :) Oh, well. Baby steps - at least she is sleeping - maybe soon she will stop telling me all about it :)

Monday, April 11, 2011


I love weekends. I've always loved weekends, but even more now. Which is weird because you would think that I wouldn't as much since I'm not working anymore, but I do. It is seriously the only time anything gets done. It's the only time I get to see Nick too :(

So this weekend was not the most fun, but at least we got some stuff done. We did have some fun, but it was just more productive than anything else. Except that things took forever! We started to put up the laundry room cabinets that we bought before Aurora was born, but that is really hard to do with only 2 people, so we got halfway there and our house is a complete disaster until we finish. We bought a treadmill which Nick and my Dad had to move out of a second story apartment and into our house - that was a nightmare. The thing weighs 200 lbs - I felt bad for them! But it is in and I love it!!!!! I've used it everyday so far :) Think I can keep that up? And I went to a yard sale and bought a ton of cute baby clothes for $20. Yard sales are the best!!!! I know it doesn't sound like we accomplished much for 3 days worth of time, but when you are juggling a baby, I consider that good progress.

Aurora had one awful night this weekend. She got up at 1AM and didn't go back to sleep until 3:30, then got up at 5:30, ate and slept another 30 minutes, and then got up and was done for the night. She was MAJOR cranky on Saturday because of it, but for whatever reason she went back to her "normal" schedule Saturday night and the last 2 nights have been good. She's pretty consistent with the 6 hours at the beginning of the night and then every 2 after that. I can handle that :)

She's started to drool a lot. I know she's not teething yet so I'm not sure why, but its pretty funny. Especially when she has tummy time she makes a real mess. She's not the biggest fan of tummy time lately - she can handle it for about 2 minutes and then throws a fit. Not sure what that's about...

She is growing like a weed - I can't believe how big she is. I weighed her last week and she was 12.5lbs. She is wearing 0-3mos. and 3-6mos. clothes already and she's only 10 weeks. She needs to slow down or she will outgrow all her cute stuff too fast.

She's been grabbing a lot - her clothes and other stuff. She's also been sucking on her hand - it looks like she's trying to get her thumb, but she holds such a tight fist - she hasn't figured out how to get to the thumb yet - but its cute to watch her try.

Well I guess those are the updates for now :) Bye!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am so in love with the huge flower headbands for babies. I think its super cute. I've had a hard time finding ones that I like so I made my own. I think they turned out pretty good :)

A quick update - nights are getting much better! In the last 4 of 5 days Aurora has slept at least 6 hours straight. She sleeps the longest at the beginning of the night - going to bed around 9. Looks like my days of being a zombie are coming to an end...