Monday, November 29, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving

Wow, there is so much to say since my last post. I will try not to forget anything...

One of the most exciting and entertaining things that happened this past week was that baby got hiccups for the first time on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Well, it was the first time that I was able to tell it was hiccups. And then she got them again Thanksgiving morning and Nick was able to feel them. It's pretty darn cute! She hasn't gotten them again since then as far as I can tell, so I don't know what caused them...

Some not so exciting news is that my glucose test results showed that my glucose was elevated. I'm not really sure how I managed that considering I was super careful to not eat a ton of sugar. So I'm worried that the explanation for it is not good... But that's jumping to conclusions. I really didn't think I had anything to be worried about considering that I don't have any of the "risk factors" that they list for gestational diabetes, but the test on Friday will tell me more. I have to go sit for 3 hours, drink more sugar, and get blood drawn 4 times. Yuck. And to prep for the test, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I have to drink 16 oz of orange juice at 9am and eat 2 pieces of bread at 3pm. Then Thursday night I have to fast from 10pm on. My test is at 8:30 am Friday morning, so I won't get to eat until noon that day. That's hard for a pregnant person. I just hope that the results come back good. I'm way less nervous for this test after the first one - I can handle drinking the sugar, I'm just scared for the results now...

But on a happier note we had a wonderful 4 day weekend. It was the first time ever that I think we got more done than I had hoped for. Usually it is the other way around.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I ate way too much of course. I am happy to say that I didn't gain any weight though. I was worried :) It was a nice relaxing day and Mom made so much yumminess! It was great! I will say though, I'm starting to get that leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich craving again... We didn't take home leftovers so I'm missing that part...

Friday we bought a car!!!! I know - FINALLY. We have been saying that we needed to get me a mommy car forever and we just kept putting it off because car shopping is torturous. But Nick found a good deal on-line and we called and negotiated a price so we drove to Phoenix, took it for a drive, and bought it! It's a 2009 Nissan Xterra and I LOVE IT.

Since we were up in Phoenix we stopped at Ikea and spent an embarrassing amount of money on bookshelves and other storage. Pretty much every room in our house is undergoing a make-over right now, so we needed some more storage. The one thing we didn't get (that I'd really hoped for) was a dresser for baby's room. We just didn't see anything we liked so we are still on the lookout for that.

On Saturday we were going to put all our Ikea furniture together, but we decided we didn't want to do that without an electric screwdriver. So we bought one of those and since it took 12 hours to charge we decided to paint baby's room instead! The color that I wanted was one that I saw in the pottery barn catalog, but our Ace Hardware doesn't sell the pottery barn colors so we decided to take a chance on one that looked similar. And another first - I LOVED IT! I always have a hard time with paint - it never quite turns out how I expect it too. Sometimes that's OK, but sometimes I have to get a new color. But I always question it the whole time I'm painting. Not this time - it's perfect!!!!!!! I can't wait to finish up her room!

Sunday was Nick's 27th birthday. We went to church, then to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, saw "Due Date" (hilarious!), played some video games, went for a walk, made a yummy dinner (steak and potatoes), and just hung out together. The whole day Nick kept talking about doing productive stuff, but I finally convinced him that it was his birthday and he needed to enjoy it. So he did :) And that meant I was able to too :)

So it was a fun, productive weekend. It's nice to be able to use those 2 words in a sentence together :)

And here's the latest baby bump picture. She is growing fast! Only a few days until the 3rd trimester! And the lighting isn't the greatest, but you can kind of see the color we painted baby's room.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Know how when you can't have something you really want it? Yeah - deprivation is the worst. And it was totally self inflicted. I had my glucose screening yesterday and the doctor had said to avoid super sugary foods the day of because it could affect the test results. Well I really didn't want to retake that since I've heard how awful the test is, so I decided that Monday AND Sunday I wouldn't have sugar and try to avoid carbs as much as possible too. So all I wanted was sugar!!!!! In particular - I really wanted Mimi's Cafe's Buttermilk Spice Muffins. Which oh by the way I found a recipe for on-line and I am so going to make those tonight! But it was a very rough 2 days with no sugar.

The upside is that the glucose test was a piece of cake. I was horrified of having to drink the super sugary drink quickly - I'd heard it was syrupy and people gagged on it and that sort of thing. But it was just like drinking fruit punch soda. I had no problem and actually it was kind of yummy. I had to sit there for an hour and then have my blood drawn which wasn't wonderful, but at least the part I was dreading turned out to be OK. I won't get the results until Monday due to the holiday, but that's fine. If it comes back bad I don't want to know before Thanksgiving anyway :)

The rest of the doctor appointment was pretty routine. Baby's heartbeat is 154. She was not super cooperative about holding still for that though - it was pretty cute. I think its the cold jelly they put on my tummy... The doctor measured my uterus and said that was good and I found out that baby is a little piggie! She has grown a lot since the last appointment - apparently my weight gain this past month was a little higher than expected, but the doctor said that it is all baby and she just had a little growth spurt. Hopefully she doesn't keep this trend up - I'd like a normal sized baby when I have to deliver :)

So, that's the latest. Everything is going well and baby is definitely growing!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, I am really too tired to write anything interesting, but I figured if I didn't post something now it would probably be another week before I did...

It has been a very productive and exhausting weekend. We went to Babies R Us and Target and finished registering - Nick got to see how insanely overwhelming those places are. But it was fun to do together and I am happy to check something off of our list.

Then Saturday afternoon Mom, Dad and TJ came over to help us move Nick's massive desk into the new "office". So the rest of the day was spent trying to organize that stuff. I finally have a picture of my half of the room so you can see the color. I like the way it is coming along so far. I think it will look nice when it is done...

And today we have spent most of the day doing baby stuff again - signing up for classes at the hospital (childbirth, breastfeeding, breathing and relaxation techniques). Those should be fun filled... We take the childbirth class in December, so that is coming up quickly. And then I spent hours researching cloth vs. disposable diapers and holy cow there is a lot of info out there! We've decided to go with cloth - everyone I know that has used them has loved them so I am hoping we are the same. And then there is the question of whether or not to bank baby's cord blood. Yet another thing to spend money on, but it may be worth it? I don't know.

I'm tired from thinking and probably from carrying around all this extra weight. Here's a new picture so you can see that baby has grown. This picture is about a week old, but she's making progress!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

100 Days to Go...

I have been such a blog slacker lately, but I didn't want to miss this milestone - 100 days to go!!!! I'm not sure if that seems like a lot or a little... 3 months sounds better to me :)

Baby is getting HUGE! It was a pretty exciting weekend for me - I had my first stranger awknowledge that I was pregnant! I'm so happy that people can tell that I'm pregnant enough to say something now! I was really done with the fat stage - it lasted way longer than I had expected.

There is not much else to report. It is getting harder to sleep comfortably and the number of pee trips in the middle of the night is pretty ridiculous. I've had heartburn on and off - yesterday was bad but I blame myself - horseradish at lunch and then Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner doesn't help. My latest craving was potato chips (Ruffles) with dip and chinese food. Together - can we say SALT?!?!? I got the chips and dip - no chinese food yet. But I actually think I might be OK without it this time :)

Baby is exploring the space in my tummy now more than ever - she is up and down and side to side. She tends to prefer the right side though. She does something weird where she curls up and chills out there. Its slightly uncomfortable, but pretty darn cute. Less cute is the tendency for her to direct her soccer player kicks to my bladder. It's like she's using it as a trampoline or something. I love when she kicks - I just wish she'd aim a different direction.

I really wanted to post pictures (tummy and house progress)- that's part of the reason it took me so long to blog - I was waiting until I had time to do that. But hopefully later. But as you are all very aware - my picture promises don't always amount to much :( I'll try to be better...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Overwhelmed

Oh my gosh - Babies R Us.


I went in there today to start a registry and I didn't even know where to begin. They have a checklist that is supposed to guide you, but I was still so lost in there! I couldn't even register for baby bottles because they had so many different kinds! I don't know which is best! I was totally out of my element - I have no idea what to put on the list! The only thing I knew for sure I wanted was this adorable elephant blanket. Other than that - ugh, I'm waiting for Nick to get home before I go back. I think I put maybe 10 things on the list. It was really just to get it started - I'm going to have to do research or something :)

So that was an exhausting experience. I'm very tired now. That could also be due to my decreasing ability to sleep - I think I kept baby up last night, not the other way around. I got up to pee 4 times!!!! I mean really! This is getting a little ridiculous. But yeah, Babies R Us - I was very unproductive today and now I just want to go take a nap.

But before I say good-bye I wanted to share our Halloween pictures from this year. I was Tinkerbell (a FAT Tinkerbell) and Nick was a "dead knight."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dealing with Garbage at Work

So I had a meeting at work today. Exciting, huh? Well we meet in all different places at work - sometimes conference rooms, team rooms, sometimes people's cubes. Today we met at a particularly small cube that there was definitely not space for 5 people in so I kept trying to roll my chair around to scoot out of the way of one thing or another. Once the meeting was over I got up to leave and couldn't find my cell phone which had been in my pocket. Everyone always asks, "Are you sure you had it with you?" I was POSITIVE. I had talked to Mom on my walk over to that building - I knew I had it. But we looked everywhere and couldn't find it. A cell phone can't just disappear!

And then I realized - with all my scooting around and knocking into things, I think my cell phone fell out of my pocket and into the garbage that I was sitting right next to. So I check the garbage, and its empty :( But then I realize that while we were having our meeting one of the maintenance guys came around to empty trashes. NOT GOOD. Especially because we were sitting in the first row of cubes and that was probably 30 minutes ago! Gross! But I have to look for it, right?

So I go looking around the whole building trying to find the trash guy thinking that I have no idea where to go if I can't find him and how many millions of garbage bags do they go through everyday? What do I do if I can't find my phone? I don't memorize people's numbers anymore... And with Nick being out of town I don't even have another phone to call from to activate a new one... But I find the maintenance guy in the last row of cubes...

I told him that I needed to go through the trash because I'm pretty sure I threw my cell phone away, and he is one of those people that knows exactly what was in every trash that he emptied and he knows what bag its in so he starts to help me go through it. But he's looking for a white cup that he knows was in the trash that he emptied. Thing number 1 - do you know how many white Styrofoam cups people go through each day? I think half of the trashes had one in them. Thing number 2 - if he was paying such good attention to what was in people's trashes wouldn't he have seen a cell phone in one? Well, that was his point exactly. He was convinced that I hadn't thrown it away and that I was wasting his time. And we got to a certain point in the garbage and he said he knew it wasn't in the rest of it because it was that full when he got to the cube that we were at.

Now we had been going through the garbage for about 20 minutes at this point and I felt really awful making this guy do this. I did offer to do it myself, but he wouldn't let me. So I was sort of ready to give up because I felt so bad and he was insisting it wasn't in there. But I KNEW it was in there! And I thought back to a conversation that Nick and I had about a week ago and Nick was saying that there's been a lot of situations where he's gone against his better judgement just to be nice, and then it ends up seriously inconveniencing him. He said that as uncomfortable as it is to insist on things, sometimes you just have to when you know you are right.

So I can tell this guy is not happy with me, but I am not going to give up! I am thinking, "dude, I will take that garbage bag and run - I am getting my cell phone back!" So I finally start digging in - no gloves or anything, and let me tell you - there are a lot of bananas in there - I hate bananas! And so the guy sees I'm not going to give up so he finally hands me a pair of gloves and backs off. So I'm going through the trash with him in the background saying "it's not in there, its not in there..." And it took some digging, but 3 minutes later I emerge victorious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOUND MY CELL PHONE!

And the guy couldn't believe it. He was seriously shocked.

And I was happy to have proved him wrong, but even if I didn't at least I wouldn't have doubted myself and been wondering "if I had just dug a little further?" And my cell phone is nothing special, but I really was not looking forward to dealing with losing one! It was less of a hassle to go elbow deep in my co-workers garbage (what, like that's something new?) than to have to get a new cell phone.

So - long story, but happy ending to a lot of crap :)