Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chocolate Cake

I love chocolate cake. Now. I didn't used to, but ever since I've been pregnant I love chocolate cake. And I think baby likes it too :)

So here's the story with the cake. It's kind of funny :)

Sept 9: Grandma Carol makes me the yummiest chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting for my birthday.

Oct 22: Taylor loved the cake so much that he requested the same one for his birthday. Other people's birthdays are awesome because that means I get cake too.

Oct 24: I have a dream about chocolate cake. I tell Mom about the dream.

Oct 25: Taylor is nice enough to share some of his leftover birthday cake with me since I am now dreaming about it. I take the cake home with me.

Oct 27: I ask Nick after dinner if he wants to share a piece of chocolate cake with me. He asks if I got more chocolate cake. I said yes, on Monday. He says, oh... not since then? Yep - he ate the chocolate cake! He felt really bad. It was pretty cute.

Oct 28: I didn't mention Nick eating my cake to anyone so it was a total surprise when Grandma Carol made me AN ENTIRE CAKE just because she is so sweet and always thinking about me. Grandparents are awesome :) And since they live here now they can do that! It was very exciting and came at a perfect time - Hooray for chocolate when I can't sleep at 3AM.

So that's the story of how I came to have my own chocolate cake :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Month Check-Up

It seems weird that I'm 5 months pregnant. I feel like its been forever, but also 5 months seems like a milestone. I only have 4 to go! Well, 17 weeks... So I had my 5 month check up - we listened to baby's heartbeat and the doctor measured my tummy. She said everything looks good! It was a 2 minutes appointment - I had to drive over an hour (there and back) for a 2 minute appointment. Oh, well. I like hearing baby's heartbeat - its so cute! I asked the doctor if it was going to get more comfortable to sit because seriously, it is so awful! My back hurts and my tummy is uncomfortable because I've got all this extra stuff going on up there and it doesn't exactly know where to go when I sit down. I was hoping maybe as baby gets bigger she would pop out and give the rest of my insides some space. But the doctor just said that it would probably only get worse :( Not great considering that I sit most of the day at work... I also asked if I was carrying really low because I feel like she is so low! She makes a habit of kicking my bladder and when I walk she sits right on my bladder (yeah - for anyone planning to travel overseas where they do not have free, accessible potties like they do in the US: 4-5 months pregnant is not the time to make that trip...) Anyway, she said that I'm carrying "normal" - not low, so that was exciting. I didn't really want to carry low - that looks (more) uncomfortable. So I have my next appointment in another 4 weeks - just before Thanksgiving. That's good - I probably want to be weighed before Thanksgiving and not after :) I have to do the glucose testing then - yuck!

That's about it for updates. Baby kicks more and more everyday (I don't know how that is possible), but she is wearing me out :) Nick has felt and seen her kick now, so he knows I'm not making it up. She is an active little girl - I am definitely going to have my work cut out for me. It is sooooo cute though. Every time she kicks it makes all the annoying stuff about pregnancy worth it :)

Well, that is probably my excitement for the week. I was feeling all stressed out that it was a busy week, but I guess it was really only Monday/Tuesday. After the doctor appointment on Monday I went to dinner with Mom, Grandma, Grandpa and Taylor and then went to "Craft Night" with Mom and Grandma at their church. I got A LOT accomplished! I think I made like 10 cards while I was there. I came pretty prepared - it made such a difference! Tuesday Brittany and I celebrated her birthday at Macaroni Grill (yum!!!!) We ordered a dessert and then the waitress brought us ANOTHER one - and who can say no to chocolate cake? So I was feeling very fat and sleepy at Bible Study afterwards. So tonight we actually don't have plans after work which is good. Thursday we are going to some concert - Seventh Day Slumber and KJ-52 - I've never heard of them so we will see :) And then we only have Friday and Saturday before Nick leaves for Dallas for another wind tunnel test :( I hate when he travels, but I'm hoping to get a lot done with the "office"/baby's room while he's gone since he won't be home to distract me and make me unproductive.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Morning Person

Hello 3:30AM. Not usually the time at which I am up, but the past few days since we have been back from our trip that is the time that baby has chosen to wake up, which means that's when I wake up. I'm not really complaining - I would be more than happy to have another morning person join the family. Maybe with 2 of us we can double team Nick, who is the complete opposite of a morning person. Maybe I'm just being optimistic though - could just be that baby (like me) is still a little jet-lagged. I don't mind if she keeps it up though - I would much rather her aerobics keep me up in the morning than at night. And waking up that early has ensured that I get into work at 7AM everyday, which is so awesome because I love getting to go home early. Since we have flexible hours my will power to get in early isn't always there, but thanks to baby the last few days that hasn't been a problem.

She is growing and kicking more everyday. It's pretty entertaining :) I took another tummy picture this weekend - my tummy is definitely growing! I think you can really tell now! I will post the picture soon (I promise!) and vacation pictures at some point. We were supposed to go through those this weekend, but other more pressing things took priority. Which is good, even though not fun. We got the laundry done (hooray!) and put the house back together since we got home and dropped a bomb on it. Plus Nick got the oil changed in both the cars and cleaned up the backyard (rid it of the spiders that were trying to make homes on our porch). So it was a productive weekend, even if I didn't get to some of the fun stuff.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're Back!

Just a quick post to say that WE ARE BACK! We had a blast and it went way too quickly :( We took a million pictures and I'm hoping to share a few - but I probably won't get to that until this weekend. I'm super excited to scrapbook now!

I think baby had fun too. She kicked a ton - she is becoming more and more active every day! I've discovered that I'm pretty sure she likes chocolate, orange juice, and the Beatles music - based on the dancing that went on in my tummy :) Her favorite song seems to be "Hey Jude" - guess she's going to take after her Grandpa :)

She is growing quickly! Although I don't feel like I necessarily look 5 months pregnant. I still think sometimes I just look fat - but I'll have a picture in a day or two so you can see. My tummy is definitely growing! And the scale says so too. I was pretty excited that I hadn't over indulged on the cruise though - I think the walking around made up for all the food I was eating!

Anyway, just wanted to say HI! More later!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Last Hurrah

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be a major blog slacker over the next 2 weeks - we are going on one last vacation before baby comes. Our last hurrah, or babymoon as I've heard recently :)

We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning (6 AM flight - ew) and we will get to Venice at 3PM on Tuesday. Yeah - I'm a horrible traveller when I'm not pregnant, so I don't even want to know what the next day and a half has in store for me. Leg cramps for sure and lots of peeing in airplane pottys... Not a fan.

But assuming I can make it through that it should be a really fun trip. We are going on a Mediterranean cruise. It leaves from Venice and stops in Egpyt, Israel, Greece, and Croatia. I'm looking forward to seeing new places and of course pigging out on the amazing cruise food. I guarentee you I will have a new baby belly picture to show when I get back - and it will probably be way bigger than it should be. Hopefully we do enough walking to counteract the extra calories...

Anyway, just wanted to say bye for now. We'll be back late on the 19th. Probably won't get around to getting pictures up until that weekend though...