Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Expanding Vocabulary

So Aurora is learning new words very quickly. She is such a chatterbox! She has started saying "ma, da, eee, ga, and goo" in whatever combination along with her "ba ba"s. She has also discovered how to click her tongue which is HILARIOUS and she does that all the time. SOOOOOOOO CUTE.

In other updates she is getting better at scooting each day. Still backwards. Maybe someday she will go forward. She gets up on her knees more and more, but no crawling yet. She loves dropping toys and picking them up. If she drops a toy she insists on picking it up no matter how long it takes her or where it falls :)

Her green stuffed monkey is my new best friend. He helps put her to sleep each night and since we have started that she has been sleeping better with the exception of one night. We named him Pickles and she just loves him. He's really soft so he gets lots of hugs and kisses from her. She lunges for him and buries her face in him. Very cute.

So Nick is on travel again this week. Week 2. He was home for the weekend, but it is hard during the week when he is gone. He comes home Friday, leaves Sunday again. It was supposed to just be one more week, but now it's looking like it might be 2 more... 4 weeks is too long :( We miss him :( Especially since we have had some rough experiences recently. I started a Mom's Bible Study on Tuesday mornings and decided to try the nursery. Aurora has never been in the nursery before. And I'm not really sure how many times she's going to go back in the near future. It's only for a few hours, but the first week I dropped her off I totally lost it. She was fine (initially) but after I left her I ended up crying for a bunch of strangers. Great first impression :) Aurora lasted about an hour and then they called me to come get her because she was screaming. Same thing the second time only I didn't cry. I don't blame her for screaming her head off though - there's a lot of fussing babies in there. I don't like leaving her there. I wouldn't want to hang out there! She may be spending a few hours at Grandma's on Tuesday mornings from now on... She doesn't like when other babies cry - that's always what upsets her. If there were no crying babies she would probably be fine.

Yeah, Tuesdays are a little rough now. But the rest of the week should be good. We are starting to settle into a routine, sort of. I think I may finally be getting the hang of this mommy thing...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So guess where we went for my 27th birthday?

Yep - where a kid can be a kid! :) I LOVE Chuck E Cheese's and now that we have Aurora we have a ticket to get in :) We had fun - the pizza was awesome and Aurora loved watching Chuck E and his friends sing. I think they've turned the volume down in there some from when I was younger because Chuck E wasn't as scary as I remember :)

So I had a very fun birthday and that evening I got to scrapbook with Mom, Grandma, and some of my friends! Since it was Mom's birthday too, Grandma arranged for us to be surprised with a cake! I was very surprised and it was very special :)

And more updates later because baby is awake!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

7 Months

7 months already. Wow. I think I say that every month :) but WOW.

Well, there's not a ton to report since my last posts. Aurora gets closer to crawling everyday. She is now spending time on her hands and knees. She has perfected scooting backwards, but can't figure out how to go forward. Who knows how long that will take. She could figure it out tomorrow, could be 2 months from now - you can never tell.

Aurora has discovered more of her stuffed animals and LOVES them. She's always really liked her little pink musical puppy and her green monkey, but now she has found her fluffy white bear and holy cow does she think he's funny. Her stuffed animals are her favorite toys by far. But she does really like the other stuff that makes sounds too. And anything she can bang against things... So really she loves all her toys :)

Bath time is hilarious now - she splashes so much we have water half way up the wall - seriously - I'm not exaggerating.

Aurora also loves the mirror. We probably spend at least an hour every day playing with the baby in the mirror. She tries to grab her and give her kisses. It's adorable -messy for the mirror, but adorable.

Aurora is also learning about sharing right now. She is very particular about what she will share. Apparently she has no problem sharing her pacifier, but some of her toys she is a little possessive about. There is one that she won't let Nick play with - every time he tries she takes his hand and moves it away. If he tries again she will take his hand, move it away, and not let go so he can't try again. It's pretty entertaining...