Saturday, March 19, 2011

6 weeks

So now that Aurora turns 7 weeks tomorrow I am finally getting around to giving the 6 week details/updates. I have been a major blog slacker!!!! Sorry - but again, not so sorry because I've been having fun with Aurora :) So that's a good thing to be taking up my time.

Aurora had her 6 week appointment on Tuesday and holy cow is she getting big! She has caught up to "normal" (not premature) babies and is in the 47th percentile! She weighs 9lb, 13oz!!!! Almost 10lb! She's also grown 3 inches from birth and is now 22 inches. She has outgrown some of her newborn clothes because she's gotten too long. Most of the 0-3month clothes are still too big for her, but at least they are easier to put on - she does not like having things pulled over her head!

She also got her immunizations on Tuesday - that was so sad. She screamed so much. It made me cry :( The nurse did the shots (3) really fast and then left the room quickly which was good so then I was able to cry without her seeing. I couldn't help it - I felt soooooo bad! Fortunately she calmed down really quickly. But she was pretty fussy the rest of the day when she wasn't sleeping it off - kind of a bummer since we took a trip up to Mt. Lemmon that day - not great planning on my part...

6 weeks is also a milestone for me - I went to the doctor and she said everything looks good! So I started soccer again on Sunday (I am happy to say I scored a goal the first game back) and was super exhausted afterwards. And I went back to work Monday. For my last day of work. It was bittersweet. I cleared out my desk and took care of all the paperwork - it took WAY longer than I had expected! It's kind of funny - they call leaving the company "separation." Weird. It was nice to get that taken care of, but sad to say good-bye to everyone. I worked with a lot of really awesome people. Part of me will miss it, but I know that I am making the right decision - it was the hardest thing to be away from Aurora all day!!!!!

Believe it or not Aurora is getting on a more normal schedule. There are some variations - like whether she decides nighttime is over at 3:30AM or 5:00AM, but it seems to be slowly getting better. I threw out all my "philosophies" - I'm no Aristotle. I'm back to the "let her do what she wants" - so far it seems to work best.

I am happy to say that Aurora rolled over for me 2 days after she rolled over for Nick. And hasn't done it since. She's a funny girl - maybe she knew I was sad about it. But we have been practicing rolling over, scooting, and sitting up. And she has been "talking" so much!!!! She's making all sorts of adorable sounds and smiling a lot more - it is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Sense of Entitlement

Ok, I am super excited, but disappointed at the same time. It is VERY selfish of me to be even the slightest bit disappointed, but hopefully some of you understand where I'm coming from...

Last week was ROUGH. I got up every single time Aurora needed to be fed without help. The whole week. I was exhausted. Finally Saturday night rolled around and since Nick didn't have to get up to work the next day, he handled the 2AM bright-eyed baby.

And she rolled over.

While I was finally getting more than 1 hour of sleep, she rolled over.

So yea!!!!!!!!!!! I know its very exciting! It was apparently from her tummy to her back. Nick said it looked like it was an accident and she was surprised by it. But she did it.

She rolled over and I missed it. So I'm happy, but also very sad and really don't think its fair that I missed it. The ONE TIME I don't get up - and that's not even entirely true - because I had gotten up to feed her and change her - I just didn't stay up with her this time.

So that's our excitement for now. Other than that we have just been going about the daily routine, though there's nothing routine about it - every day is different and every night is different. It would be nice to get on some kind of schedule. The only schedule she seems to be on is "do whatever is least convienent." When we first brought her home from the hospital my philosophy was to keep her awake during the day so she would sleep at night. That didn't seem to work so I decided to let her do what she wanted, but that is DEFINITELY not working for me. So we are on day 1 of me trying to keep her awake during the day again. So we will see if that helps. But I'm sure in another week I'll change my mind again.

Another little side note - bath time is now FUN. We became bath buddies thanks to the suggestion from Jess - my Mom had said that worked when I was a baby. So I tried it and now she actually likes the water. It's pretty cute and I am so happy that she doesn't scream anymore.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evidence of Lack of Sleep

So as promised - my announcement story...

I stressed over Aurora's baby announcements big time. I wanted them to be perfect. I felt like they were her announcement to the world, the first picture a lot of people would see, and I felt so much pressure... That's part of the reason it took me a month to get them done - I just couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do with them.

Well, I finally put something together. Snapfish lets you create multiple cards with different pictures and designs and it was pretty cool to have all the options. I made 12 different announcements and then had Nick pick his favorite (I should have stopped after 1 because he picked the first one that I made).

Even though I read the announcement 50 times and had Nick check it over, when I got them I realized that I had spelled January as "Januray." Oops. Totally overlooked it and now $50 later, I was stuck with 60 announcements that I couldn't use. It was really tempting to just send them out and hope people didn't notice (I did a trial run and it wasn't noticed, but that was one person looking at it quickly - I didn't want to chance that 60 people would overlook it...) So, I had to reprint the words and paste them over the originals. You'll see when you get them. You wouldn't know if I hadn't told you :) But the announcements only look more handmade because I messed up. Yeah, this is what happens when you are running on no sleep.

Speaking of which, for some reason Aurora seems to think 1 AM is play time. I am trying to explain to her that if you aren't in college there is no reason to be up at that time. She's not a very good listener...