Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby's First Clothes

Ok, so how cute is this onesie?!?!?

This is baby's first outfit! We got it from Aunt Jan and Uncle Nick when we went to the lake with them this past weekend. I think it is very funny. I'm a little concerned though - if this pattern really holds true and babies eat like every 2 hours for the first few weeks - that's a lot of baby poop!!!! Well, I guess you become expert diaper changers, huh?

It was really weird to get baby clothes - it's like, oh yeah - we are getting a little person!!!! It just made it seem that much more real :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Nemesis: The Grocery Store

I am developing quite a love/hate relationship with the grocery store these days.

I love the grocery store because it enabled me to get my leftover-Thanksgiving-turkey sandwich without having to bake an entire turkey. It basically sells everything - whatever my heart desires I can go to the grocery store and get it or get the ingredients to make it. It's wonderful! I can stop by on the way home and its like a genie - my wishes are granted.

I hate the grocery store because it is starting to take advantage of me. Know how they always say don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry? Well, I'm discovering now - don't go grocery shopping when you are pregnant! I am going to spend all our money there! I have no will power and no resistance to impulse buys whatsoever. Last night I went in thinking that I was just getting milk and sandwich meat for Nick. NOPE! I decided I wanted to make chicken scallopine for dinner so I had to get all those ingredients, the caprese that we had over the weekend was amazing so I wanted to make that, I discovered goat cheese can be made with pasteurized milk so I wanted make something that used that, and I just kept throwing things in the cart - whatever looked yummy.

And this wouldn't be such a problem if I would eat it all, but I don't. Something looks/sounds good one day and the next day it is the grossest thing ever. Do you want to know how many turkey sandwiches I had after that I-can't-stand-it craving? 2. Nick ate more than I did! But after 2, that was the grossest thing ever. It's like last week I was in the bakery isle and I saw madeleines. They were like $2 a cookie, but I HAD to have them. I got 7 cookies and ate 1/2 of one.

I'm telling you, I have food issues right now... They should have therapy for this kind of thing.

Oh wait, its called chocolate...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Official

It's official - WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!! I have to say that we are having a baby because Nick doesn't like the expression "we're pregnant." He says that I am pregnant - WE are having a baby. Just in case that statement ever confused anyone else :)

So now we are FINALLY able to tell everyone and it is super exciting. Nick wanted to wait until we had the first ultrasound, that has happened, so now we can share the good news!!!!!

So I really debated about whether or not to do a blog. After my scrapbooking blog fiasco and realizing that blogging was really not my thing the idea just really did not appeal to me. But, as I am a scrapbooker/memory saver, I decided that the blog might be a good way to record things. I figure if people are interested they can read it, if not it will still be nice to have in the end :) And I figure it is a good way to share info without calling a million people.

So to answer the usual questions and hopefully get everyone up to speed:

1) Due Date: February 24, 2011. That puts me at 9 weeks right now for those of you that don't feel like doing the math (and I don't blame you)
2) Yes, we are going to find out if it is a boy or girl. Neither of us are patient enough to wait the 9 months. We should find out in early October.
3) There is only one baby in there. I say that because the doctor could tell from the ultrasound that I ovulated twice - we could have had twins!!!!!! (yikes!)
4) We heard the baby's heartbeat already!!!! It almost made me cry - it was so cute! 133 beats/minute - wow!
5) And of course, Symptoms:
Fatigue like you would not believe. I am sooooooo tired. Usually if I get home before Nick I try to do productive things around the house but ever since we've had a baby on board Nick comes home to find me vegged out on the couch. He thinks it is hilarious because I'm always giving him a hard time for being tired, yes - now the tables have turned.

My boobs are killing me. I'm sure everyone wanted to know that but seriously - ouch. So any congratulations hugs - please be gentle :)

I have not barfed yet - isn't that exciting!!!!!????!!!!! That doesn't mean that I haven't had my share of days where I've felt awful. Most of the time I find that food makes it worse. Usually I'm OK by dinner. Some days I feel totally fine. It comes and goes. It's not as bad as I thought it would be - I really can't complain about this part too much - I know it could be worse. But I am having a hard time eating certain things that I used to love. Especially vegetables. They make me want to barf.

The first few weeks I thought I was craving Big Macs. I say "thought" because I had NO IDEA what a craving was until recently. I was craving a turkey sandwich (left-over Thanksgiving turkey sandwich) like you would not believe. I have never felt that way about food before, it was like I HAD to have it. So I went to the grocery store and fortunately they sell pre-cooked Thanksgiving turkeys. I had to carve it up, but at least I got my sandwich. I don't know what I would have done if they didn't sell that at the grocery store. Seriously... I really hope that doesn't happen again. I was obsessed! I couldn't think about anything but that until I was able to eat it... You know the movies where they make fun of pregnant women's cravings - yeah - that's for real!

So far it has been quite an experience, and I know we have much more excitement ahead. Speaking of excitement, here are the first ultrasound pictures taken at 7 weeks. The baby was the size of a blueberry (but I'm calling it a mini marshmallow).