Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Jake!

Oh glorious day! I figured out what my picture posting problem was!!!! So now you get pictures! Which means I have a lot to catch up on :)

Happy Birthday little stinker! I can't believe my baby is one!!!! He is such a big boy now! He is walking, climbing, signing and developing quite the personality. I'm calling his official walk date 6/13, just a few days before his birthday. But he has made serious progress in the last 2 weeks. He walks laps around the kitchen, chasing his balls. Balls are probably his favorite toy. But he still loves things that light up and make sound too. He climbs on everything and is seriously Evil Kinevil (how do you spell that?). I have to watch him constantly because the second I turn my back he is climbing on something he should be. He signs "all done," and he uses the sign for "milk" when he wants something - but not necessarily milk. He has started clapping for "more." He claps, waves hi and bye, and does "hooray" in songs and he is starting to get really good at imitating things I do. And things his sister does. Which isn't always a good thing... He is super fun, but super opinionated and he is not fun to take shopping. It is so awesome watching him grow and this is such a fun age because I feel like he changes every day.

We celebrated his birthday in style :) Nautical theme/beach theme. I liked the anchors and the little crabs and then the navy/lime green together so I just kind of combined everything. I got some cute ideas off pinterest but I had a few original ones too. My favorite was the donuts - I wrapped fruit roll-up around them to look like life rafts. I tied lifesavers to lots of things, made deviled egg "sailboats" and a sand castle out of brown sugar. It was fun to plan.

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  1. Such an adorable birthday party! I love it :) And Jake with his cake is seriously cute! i Can't believe he's one and I haven't met him yet :(