Thursday, September 19, 2013

3 Months

Where does the time go!?!?! Jake is 3 months already. He is so stinkin cute. I forgot how fun this age is. Challenging, but fun. Jake is discovering his hands and he loves chewing on them. It is hilarious to watch because he gets cross-eyed trying to find them - he sticks his arm way out and then watches very carefully as he brings his hand to his mouth. He still misses a lot of the time. He is smiling like crazy. He does a nose scrunch thing a lot of the time too when he smiles. ADORABLE. I've gotten a few giggles the past week. And he talks so much!!! I think its because he hears Aurora chattering all day. He is very social. He just wants to talk and eye contact is a must. He's happy if you are looking at him :) He's becoming less and less of a screamer. But he still HATES his carseat. Funny - the first few weeks that was the only place he would sleep, now he acts like it is the worst thing ever.

He has crazy rolls. So tubby - I love it! I actually think he looks a lot like Aurora did at that age. Everyone says he looks like Nick. I can't tell. I just think he looks like a fat baby :) My ADORABLE fat baby.

This past week has been a good one as far as sleep goes. He has been sleeping 7-4:30ish and then goes right back to sleep after eating at 4:30 and then wakes up for the day at 6:30ish. The hardest thing is bedtime - he starts getting cranky around 5:30 and trying to keep him up until 7 is a challenge. He will fall asleep earlier, but then he cat-naps for a half hour and wants to stay up until 10 - not a fan of that. I remember this with Aurora though - the evenings are hard because they get tired. This week was especially hard since Nick was gone. I can tell Aurora was a little done with the whole situation - she likes her (undivided) attention too.
Aurora has basically given up naps. In other words I have given up. She will take a nap, and a lot of times a very long one, but then she doesn't want to go to bed at 8. She will try to stay up until 10 and is sometimes successful! It has been a hard adjustment and her bedtime is moving up a little bit, but I think it is for the best. We are having "quiet time" during the day instead of naps. She fell asleep during quiet time today, but the first 2 days she just played in her room. Hopefully it continues to go OK. She can get pretty cranky when she is overtired...
Aurora's favorite word right now is "why?" I've gotta say that I'm a little done with it. It's great that she's curious, but sometimes I don't think she thinks before she asks it - just says why to everything and half the time I don't think she listens to the answer. I am proud to say I have only said, "because I said so" twice, but I guarantee there are more coming! I'm just not that creative all the time. It's hard work coming up with answers for EVERYTHING.

That's my little update :) Life is good. Chaotic with 2, but I think we are adjusting :)


  1. He is so stinking cute!!!!!!

    Yay for night-time sleep! Samara goes down around 9:30/10:30 and is up around 7! Yay!

    Nikolai naps some days too... but always is in bed around 8/8:30. up at 6/6:30...

    He says why too and it is so ANNOYING!!! Ah, well... mostly my go to answer is "it's not safe." Is that sad that is my go to answer? Shows what kinds of things he is doing!

    I don't know how you do it by yourself. I am so nervous Brandon is going camping this weekend and just one night by myself is daunting... I'm gonna have to start everything an hour early just to guarantee bedtime! :)

    Glad you are getting used to 2! I don't feel like I am most the time... Guess it just takes time... :)

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